About the Orchestra

The Brandon Community Orchestra strives to promote the playing and enjoyment of orchestral music in the Western Manitoba region and offer musicians of all ages an opportunity to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge of musical styles, and deepen their love of music.

The members meet each week to play, listen and learn. Some travel an hour or more to play in the group - a testament to their dedication - and the reason why the orchestra is a 'community' organization.

The BCO enjoys playing traditional classical music but balances performances with music from Broadway shows, movies and standard pops. The diversity of the repertoire provides members with opportunities to experience various playing styles including jazz and swing.

A non-profit organization, the BCO relies on funding through membership fees, fund-raising efforts, grants, and tax-deductible donations to cover operating costs and music purchases.

An annually elected executive board of members for the BCO meets as required to plan and co-ordinate events and concerts. They work closely with the conductor to ensure the success of the orchestra's playing season.

The social aspect is another important part of the orchestra. The BCO schedules a break each week to enjoy a cup of coffee and to visit with other members. Friendship and fellowship has contributed to the successful longevity of the BCO.

The Brandon Community Orchestra is a collection of dedicated individuals coming from different backgrounds, professions, abilities and regions for one unified purpose - to create and share music for all to enjoy.

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